Pixel TD-382 Flash Power Battery Pack For Nikon SB900, SB910

Pixel TD-382 Flash Power Battery Pack For Nikon SB900, SB910
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  • When using one of these power packs, the recycling time of the flash can be reduced to as much as 25% compared to when using the inbuilt battery. The power pack also allows around 3 times the number of flashes before the battery runs out. Perfect for press, fashion or studio work when timing is critical, or for high demand flash use such as time-lapse. 
  • Full power is achieved using 8 x AA batteries. The symmetrical charge system means that power is transferred at a very high rate. (The unit can also operate with just 4 x AA batteries, but the rate of power transfer will be slower.) 
  • An inbuilt thermal cut-out system prevents the overheating of the unit for added safety and protection of the pack. Two indicator LEDs show when the pack is charging by flashing rapidly. When charged the LEDs stay continuously on. 
  • Short, screened cable means the pack does not interfere with radio triggers and TTL cords. Supplied with rugged protective case with belt loop, and screw for mounting the pack on the bottom of the camera (via tripod screw thread).
  • High capacity AA batteries are recommended (choose batteries with a high mAh rating for maximum capacity, lithium types tend to have the highest mAh ratings). Note: do not mix battery types.
  • Fastest recycling time(sec): 1.24
  • 1/1 flash charging times: 577
  • Weight: Approx.200g
  • Size: 170 x 72.5 x 25cm


  • Nikon SB900, SB910

Package Content

  • 1 x External flash battery pack (batteries not included)
  • 1 x Padded protective case
  • 1 x Camera connecting installation screw
  • 1 x English and Chinese user manual
  • 1 x Original package