Safety and Privacy Statement

Your safety and privacy is very important for us. For this reason we follow strict safety rules. In detail this are:

  • We are securing all relevant transactions by SSL, so entering of all personal data is protected. If enabled you will see "" in your browsers address bar. The certificate required by SSL is created by You can display the installed certificates in your web browser.
  • Use Paypal for payment. Paypal is a safe way to do payments in internet.
  • No payment information is stored on our servers.
  • We will not give your personnel data to other parties.
  • We will backup all data regularly.
  • We only use reliable goDaddy data centers.
  • We are using Captchas gainst spam. This are the answers you have to give while registering on this website.
  • You have to confirm your email before we are shipping an order.
  • This website uses Google Analytics for providing you a better service. IP addresses are anonymised and do-not-track headers are considered. Please refer here for more information:
  • This website uses Piwik locally. No data is transmitted to other companies. You can opt out from Piwik here.

You as the customer can do a lot for a save shopping experience. 

  • Please ensure that always when you are entering personnel information the page connection is encrypted. Your browser will show "https:" in the beginning of the webpage address, e.g. "". Furthermore most browsers show a closed lock if you are visiting a webpage by a save connection. By default user login, account management, contact, shopping cart and checkout are safe pages using https. Our certificate required by SSL is created by You can display the installed certificates in your web browser. If there is a warning that the certificate is unknown please read it carefully and update your browser. In all up to date browsers our certificate should be pre-installed. Optionally you can install this certificate. For more information please see your browsers help.
  • We will never as you to send us your password by mail. If you are entering your password please ensure that you are on the correct web address which will always start with "".
  • You should always keep you browser up to date by updating regularly. We recommend automatic daily updates which are offered by most browsers. As with web browsers you should daily check and install security updates for your operating system.
  • Please avoid Microsoft Internet Explorer it is known as unsafe and not standard conform. You never should use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft warns using it.
  • Please choose hard to guess passwords and do not note them unencrypted in your computer. You should not use the save password function of your web browser. Some operating systems as Linux or MacOS are offering key chains which are considered as fairly safe.