Shanny Flash and Transmitter for Canon's New RT Flash System Available

Shanny has now released their SN600C-RT Canon RT compatible flash along the recently released Shanny SN-E3-RT flash controller. They are compatible with Canon's new radio based RT flash system. Shanny's flash and commander can both mixed with Canons ST-E3-RT commander and 600EX RT flash as well as with other RT compatible flashes and commanders as of Yongnuo. 

SN600C-RTShanny SN600C-RT is a full featured e-TTL flash with built-in RT radio receiver, GN60, HSS up to 1/8000s, rear-curtain sync, external power connector and many more.

SN-E3-RTShanny SN-E3-RT is a radio transmitter / commander for Canons new RT flash system. It allows to comfortably controll many RT slave flashes from top of your camera. It offers, e-TTL, HSS, 5 groups, 15 channels, controll over zoom and power and many more features.