Updated Radio Flash Trigger YN622C II Now Available

Yongnuo YN622C II

Yongnuo updated their polular radio TTL flash trigger YN622C II with USB port for firmware update function and a quick release hot shoe. Also the 560RX receiver mode ialready ntroduced in version 1.2 has now easily choosable by the off on switch. The YN622C II has 2 modes, either 622 or 560RX receiver. Improved buttons complete the package. 

Yongnuo YN622C II

The YN622C II is the Canon version and available now. Yongnuo has also announced the Nikon version YN622N II, which will be available soon.


  • Quick lock design
  • Supports USB firmware upgrade
  • Supports "622" communication mode,"560-RX" communication mode
  • Compatible flash mode: E-TTL (II)/ Manual/Multi
  • Compatible Shutter sync: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, high speed sync (HSS/FP), Max 1/8000s sync speed
  • Control remote flash using camera's flash control menu screen (Remote Control Mode)
  • Support E-TTL/Manual/Multi flash mode mix using (Mix Control Mode)
  • Flash on hot-shoe of transmitter supports ETTL
  • Support Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)
  • Support Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB)
  • Support Flash Exposure Lock (FEL)
  • Support modeling Flash
  • Support E-TTL group ratio (ALL/ A:B/ A:B C)
  • Support Manual/Multi group (ALL/ A:B/ A:B:C)
  • Support flash zooming (auto, manual)
  • Support AF assist beam emitter(AF Lamp)
  • Support PC port triggering strobe flashes and support 1st, 2nd curtain/HSS (Super Sync)
  • Support LCD Live view triggering
  • Support high-speed continuous shooting trigger
  • Settings saved automatically
  • Compatible with ALL YongNuo/Canon EXII series flashes
  • Support single-contact of camera & flash triggering (max sync speed is 1/250s)